About Us
40z Rock Mission:

Our mission is to encourage women to no longer center life around everyone else and start making a conscious effort to live a life that encompasses our own dreams, goals, and aspirations. So many times, we concentrate on so many other things and people, and we neglect ourselves. 40z Rock gives women in their fabulous 40z the permission to "do you!" 
Some of us have gone through heartache, grief, loss, and other personal conflicts.  We want you to know you are not alone. As we think about all the sacrifices we have made throughout our lives as women in our 40z we want to encourage each other to live our best life yet.  Our goal is to become mentally, spiritually, and physically and emotionally balanced together.  It is believed that women who rock have the responsibility to help and embrace other women who are on their journey. In our forties, it might be fair to say we are correcting, re-setting or transforming. 
Where ever you are, 40z Rock wants to be a part of your journey.  Together, we will work on ourselves, all while giving back to our community.  We will meet once a month as sisters to talk, and love on one another.  In addition, we will participate in organized charity work.  Starting a new, we would like to include a once a month workout together and visit a different member's church each quarter. I Rock, You Rock, Let's Rock....together.
  We are looking for women who ROCK to join our movement. 
If you know you have what it takes and would like to Rock the World with us, click here.