Purpose of a  Coordinator?
- Communicate directly with the Founder
-Help promote 40z Rock in your City
-Inspire women to get involved in the movement
-Coordinate different events and charity functions
-Make sure the guidelines of 40z Rock are being adhered to
-Set up monthly members meetings for the group
Coordinators should possess the following:
-Must be an active 40z Rock member
-Excellent communication skills
-Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to deal with a diverse range of people
-Have the ability to inspire and motivate others
-Great organizational skills and the ability to manage a wide range of tasks
-Flexible and non-judgmental approach to people
Benefits to being a  Coordinator
- Acknowledged on the site as a coordinator
-Will appear on some form of 40z Rock Marketing Material
-Awards and accolades for best city Coordinator
-Great Networking Opportunities
-An Opportunity to inspire other women to embrace their age, life, health and community

Disclaimer: Coordinators are not paid employees of 40z Rock.  The information, views and opinions contained on 40z Rock personal members web pages are those of the members and do not neccessarily reflect the views and opinions of 40z Rock and should not be used for the advertising or products endorsement purposes.  40z Rock assumes no responsibility for the content of individual members web or social media pages.