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The Fabulous ladies of 40'z Rock by: Kimberly Handy

A word from Mrs. Rebecca Crews

The Revolution Continues
40'z Rock in the studio with Coach Steph on a  Love and Life  Radio
Interview with Melinda Spaulding FOX 26
Click on the photo to find out what Kim Burrell had say about being in your 40'z
Sandra Wyckoff on Radio Talk Show
Careers from the Kitchen Table with Raven Blair Davis

Houston's Buzz
by: Tyrone Willis

40z Rock Goes International!
see what this 40z Rocker had to say from  China

40z Rock in Germany

Houston Style Magazine
A Piece of Heaven in Midtown
by: Mimi LaRue
Interview with Damali from FOX 26
Tracee Ellis Ross on turning 40
Ladies of 40z Rock prepare for Luncheon
on how to turn your financial woes into amazing wonders
with GEJ Properties, Wells Fargo and EDP
by: HereHouston.com
"Rock the World #40zrock (Official 40z Rock Theme Song Winners) [feat. George "GoldenBoy" Phelps]" by Septym'ber Annette

Fox 26 was in the house at MODIA for our 40z Rock Magazine Anniversary Party

Houston Style Magazine
Go Red by 40'z Rock
by: Rebecca Walton
Interview with Courtney Zavala KPRC 2
Hope for Women Magazine
As Young As You Feel
by: Alicia Brownell
40z Rock on Execuitve Entrepreneur Radio Show with Jonyprofit